CNN prepares to launch Greek online service is launching a standalone digital CNN-branded news service, focusing on Greek stories and the big international stories throughout the world. Editorial offices for will be headquartered in Athens, but they will receive close support from CNN’s London bureau, the network’s largest international bureau.

Via the press release…

CNN International Commercial is entering a strategic partnership with DPG Digital Media to launch this autumn – a dynamic Greek-language digital offering that combines excellence in international news with local content and video.

The ground-breaking venture will bring a localised digital and mobile version of CNN’s unique brand of award-winning news to the Greek people, 85% of whom consume their news via digital platforms*.’s editorial remit will be to deliver local and national content from DPG Digital Media, the most diversified digital network in the Greek market, while also covering big international stories and world events through CNN’s reporting and affiliate network.

“As the world’s global news leader, our ambition is to continue to develop the CNN brand and our unparalleled quality of journalism in key markets where there is both a gap and clear appetite for what we do best,” said Rani R. Raad, Chief Commercial Officer, CNN International. “From branded channels and content syndication through our affiliates to high-profile marketing and engagement initiatives, CNN is connecting with more consumers worldwide in a multitude of ways than ever before. In an increasingly digital world, I’m delighted to welcome as a standalone digital CNN-branded news service, launched with a valued partner.”

“ promises to be a partnership that brings the CNN brand, content and storytelling to millions of Greeks in their own language in every corner of the world,” said Greg Beitchman, Vice President, Content Sales and Partnerships at CNN International. “Through our collaboration with DPG, Greeks can expect the very best world and national news delivered via innovative and popular digital and mobile platforms. With Greece at the very forefront of the international news agenda, this is an ideal time to bring CNN content, in Greek, to Greek audiences and expand our network’s own newsgathering capabilities in the country.”

“We are delighted to become members of the CNN International family through this strategic partnership,” said Dimitris Giannakopoulos, President of DPG Group. “ aims to provide Greek and international news, promptly and accurately with the unique stamp of CNN, to all Greek speaking people, bringing at the same time the Greeks of Diaspora closer to their motherland. In a time when Greece is undergoing significant developments, we are investing in a platform that will serve responsibly the constantly increasing demand of the audience for primary, accurate and premium news coverage.”

“DPG Digital Media via the strategic partnership with CNN International, aspires to further enhance its initiatives towards the development of the most innovative and diversified digital network in the market,” said Tina Ferentinou CEO of DPG Digital Media. “In the challenging media environment where digital is leading the developments, the partnership with the world’s global news leader will ultimately open new horizons both in terms of top level news coverage as well as unique commercial opportunities for the brands our clients have entrusted us with.” will launch later in 2015 and be available online and via a mobile app. Ahead of launch, CNN International will work with DPG to establish CNN standards and practices as well as supply training, consultancy and expertise to develop editorial, technology and publishing operations.

Editorial offices for will be headquartered in Athens with close support from CNN London, CNN’s largest international bureau. The partnership with DPG will also extend CNN’s newsgathering capabilities in Greece.

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