New Day beat Morning Joe for the 13th straight month… but Joe is making big gains on CNN

Although The Hollywood Reporter graphed back in June that New Day shows the most year-to-year growth in the morning cable news shows (not counting Robin Meade’s Morning Express, however), their ratings have begun to… slow down rapidly.

Going back to August 2014, New Day beat Joe 133,000 demo viewers to 80,000 demo viewers.

In the February 2015 ratings release, CNN touted New Day‘s 132,000 demo viewers to Joe‘s 79,000 demo viewers.

In CNN’s second quarter ratings release, they celebrated their win over MSNBC’s Morning Joe, touting the victory of 110,000 CNN demo viewers to MSNBC’s 79,000.

In today’s ratings release, CNN continued to act like it was destroying MSNBC, but that wasn’t the case: although the CNN show had 101,000 demo viewers, MSNBC was right with them, having 97,000 demo viewers… showing that CNN’s lead is falling rapidly, while MSNBC’s lead is growing.

HLN’s Morning Express still remains the number two cable news morning show.

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  1. What is America’s and CNN Commentary’s obsession with ratings it is just a news channel…CNN needs to be more like CNNi and be relaxed and chilled and not give a hoot who beat who.

    Listen to what Zain Verjee said in your other post… ratings for news channels do not matter.

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