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SE Cupp takes politicians outside in new digital show

CNN conservative commentator SE Cupp launched her new digital show last night, Outside with Insiders. In an interview with TheHill, she explained the motivation for it: “I had this idea to take some of my political friends hunting, fishing or shooting, because that’s what I like to do, and I know a lot of other people like to do it too. So I thought, let’s go out and I bet we can have different kinds of political conversations when we’re outside, not in suits and not in the studio.”

In the premiere episode, Cupp shoots skeet with ’16 GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker in his home state of Wisconsin.

Cupp told TheHill she liked being able to speak to Walker with “his guard down” and “not 15 minutes in a studio.”

CNNers also celebrated the launch of MaeveWest, hosted by national political reporter Maeve Reston who covers West Coast politics.


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