Intense Dr. Drew segment leads Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro to file battery charges against Zoey Tur

On Thursday’s Dr. Drew, Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro went toe-to-toe with Inside Edition transgender reporter Zoey Tur, and at one point, Shapiro pointedly called Tur “sir” — which set her off immediately, and she put her hand on his neck and threatened, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

Now, Shapiro has decided to file battery charges against Tur over the HLN segment.

In an interview with The Blaze, Shapiro recounted: “[Tur] got up to leave and he turns to me as he’s leaving and says, ‘I’ll see you in the parking lot,’ and I said, ‘No you won’t.’ After I finished the next few segments producers rushed up and said, ‘Are you okay? Is everything alright?’” According to Shapiro, Pinsky’s producers made sure Tur had left the building before Shapiro himself left.

He went on to say he filed the report because he was “physically threatened on national television.”

You can read the police report below:
shapiro police report

Watch the Thursday exchange:

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  1. Just because you’re full of righteousness indignation, you can’t get away with grabbing someone by the neck and physically threatening them. Doesn’t matter if you are a him, she, or whatnot.

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