Campbell Brown talks her old CNN ratings struggle and her new advocacy education site, The 74

Former CNN primetime anchor Campbell Brown was on Fox News’ MediaBuzz today, and she talked about her time with CNN, where she anchored the 8pm show, and her ratings struggle that eventually led to her departure from the network.

Asked if the ratings frustrated her, she said, “Of course […] What I struggled with when I became an anchor, and certainly when I was doing the show at CNN, was how ratings-driven it was, and how it’s almost impossible to not get caught up in that, I remember my staff looking at the ratings every day when they come out at 4 o’clock, and being either demoralized, or so excited based on that number, and it’s almost impossible for that number sometimes to not drive editorial decisions, and that was frustrating. That sort of took the joy out of doing journalism.”

Brown later spoke about her new education site, The 74.

When asked if she’s a journalist or an advocate, she revealed she doesn’t think journalists can be truly objective, pointing out that every reporter comes to the story with their own bias.

Watch, via J$:

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