Ashleigh Banfield interviews Gov. Andrew Cuomo, *has* to mention Chris

Comedian Jon Stewart has lampooned New Day‘s Chris Cuomo over his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo’s appearances on the morning show.

Just one week ago, Gov. Cuomo appeared on with Alisyn Camerota, and Camerota couldn’t let him go without referencing some anecdote Chris had told her.

I tweeted out my observation that Cuomo was finally on a program not hosted by his brother:

And, perhaps too soon.

At the conclusion of the interview with Legal View anchor Ashleigh Banfield, Banfield said, “I’d like to have you more often — and we really like working with your brother.”

“Brother who?” the governor replied coyly.

Is it impossible for CNN to interview the governor of New York without totally dumbing it down and making some Chris Cuomo-related joke?


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