Serious interview with Gov. Andrew Cuomo turns ridiculous on New Day

At the beginning of the month, The Daily Show aired a compilation of Andrew Cuomo’s appearances on New Day, the show on CNN anchored by his younger brother.

Alisyn Camerota, who was interviewing the governor, kept the interview serious until the very end, where it turned ridiculous.

“Governor, we only have a few seconds left, but we got a tip, I just wanna check it out with you: is it true that when you got the word that Richard Matt was killed, you were actually fishing at that time?”

“I’m sorry, the audio has gone dead,” the governor stammered back.

Alisyn laughed. “Oh, no, it has not gone dead. Is it true that you were fishing, because the source we have here says you were posing, with what is an impressively large fish, but that that was not what you caught, you’re actually just posing with a fish somebody else caught. True or false?”

“Oh that is totally, totally false. And that source, I would just disqualify that source from any other information…”

Needless to clarify, that ‘source’ is brother Chris Cuomo.


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