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Not Everyone is Buying Brian Stelter’s Explanation

On Friday, Brian Stelter accidentally tweeted “Ugh Wolf is the worst” in reference to colleague, and lead political anchor, Wolf Blitzer. He then said that the tweet was an accident, explaining that he was using Twitter’s tweet-by-text function and forgot to include the “D” in order to DM someone. He also said that the line was a quote and he was replied to a person in order to defeat their argument.

Fox News host, and former CNN host, Greta Van Sustern blasted Stelter on her blog, GretaWire, and said he was “in the business about 5 days.”

Stelter responded to Greta on Twitter:

The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein wrote a piece on Saturday that reported on Stelter at the network and described him as someone very cozy with CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker. She also described him as self-obsessed.

“How anyone buys his excuse is dumbfounding,” a longtime journalist told The Mirror. “Greta is exactly right. What was he planning to do with the copy and paste about Wolf? You copy and paste to send the text verbatim somewhere. So where was it going and why?”


“NOBODY likes him here because he gets special treatment,” said the source. “He had Jeff make him a fucking reporter during the Amtrak derailment and also went right to him to ask if he could do a weather report. Even got his dinosaur buddy from the NYT hired as a contributor. His wife once took a photo of herself in front of his own poster. She’s as narcissistic as him but at least she’s watchable. Brian has a massive ego for someone who royally sucks.”

The “dinosaur buddy” refers to Bill Carter who was hired recently as a contributor. The source also references when Jamie Stelter took a selfie in front of Stelter’s CNN portrait. The action was criticized as tasteless since she did it while CNN staffers were cleaning up their spaces after being laid-off.

As for Wolf? It does not appear like he is going to do much, if anything, about it.

“Wolf wasn’t the first CNNer he’s been obnoxious about,” said the network source. “This is just the first time he got caught. But nothing will happen because Wolf is classy and won’t complain while Jeff is about the only person here who thinks Brian should even be on television.”

Of course, this is not the first time Rothstein’s reporting has shown Wolf to be a quality person and well-liked in CNN. (Full disclosure- In my capacity doing The Conveyors column I wrote a piece praising Wolf and a search of @TKNNPolJungle will show my great appreciation of Mr. Blitzer)

FTVLive does not believe Stelter and asked “Is anyone buying it?” However, we should point out that FTVLive and Stelter do have a storied past of going back and forth at each other. Commentators online have also been skeptical.

Of course, Stelter is correct that it is not wise to assume anything. However, the same applies to him. Assuming means that we don’t consider anything accurate unless we have evidence, proof. If Stelter was DMing someone, why can’t he post a screenshot of the message (with the username blacked out)? That would certainly settle this debate.


1 Comment on Not Everyone is Buying Brian Stelter’s Explanation

  1. commonsensedude // June 29, 2015 at 6:31 pm // Reply

    Stelter should produce a copy of the DM he was supposedly responding to. Otherwise, he should be forced to apologize to Wolf on-air.

    His connection to Zucker explains why he is on the air. His show and his various appearances make for the worst hour-plus of programming on CNN every week. Yes, even much worse than Don Lemon. Dude just has absolutely no on-camera charisma. At all.

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