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CNN and CNN-IBN licensing agreement will expire in January 2016; will not be renewed

Turner Broadcasting International will not be renewing its licensing agreement with Indian channel, CNN-IBN, Livemint reports. The agreement permits CNN-IBN to use CNN’s global resources in their reporting.

An Indian spokesperson declined to commment to Livemint, saying only, “It is business as usual with our affiliate in India for now.”

While Turner is dropping CNN-IBN, it seems they are looking at another Indian TV channel, Subhash Chandra’s Zee Group.

Meanwhile, a CNN team visited the Zee News facilities in Noida recently, sparking speculation that the two news broadcasting companies are in talks. “A conversation is on. But Zee is a very strong brand in its own right. It has to see what the American partner can bring to the table,” said the second person close to the development.

It is not clear if Zee and CNN are looking only at a branding tie-up or are exploring a deeper partnership involving equity.

Currently, Zee operates Hindi news channels in India.


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