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CNN Confuses ISIS Flag with Sex Toys

There was a bit of a goof-up earlier today on CNN when CNN Newsroom reported that an ISIS flag was flying in a London LGBT Pride Parade. Guest anchor Suzanne Malveaux brought in assignment editor Lucy Pawle from London and terrorism analyst Peter Bergen.

However, the problem is that it was not an ISIS flag. It was a flag in the style of the ISIS flag, but it used sex toys instead of Arabic.

In this case, the blame does not go to Pawle. She said that it was “an attempt to mimic the ISIS flag, the black-white flag with distinctive lettering.” She also added, correctly, “it’s clearly not Arabic.”

Rather, the blame goes to the production team. Despite Pawle saying that it was not an ISIS flag, the chyron said, “ISIS flag spotted at gay pride parade.” Except, it wasn’t. In addition, Malveaux said at the top of the segment that it was an ISIS flag.

The segment has been removed from CNNgo.



1 Comment on CNN Confuses ISIS Flag with Sex Toys

  1. And who was the genius that thought ISIS got a parade permit?

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