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The time CNN decided to mute Don Lemon

This is probably something you wouldn’t expect CNN to do, but all the same, they did it: they muted lightning-rod anchor Don Lemon as he attempted to talk over Jake Tapper on Brooke Baldwin’s CNN Newsroom.

They were discussing President Obama’s euology in Charleston, and Lemon was insisting this speech was different than what Obama had done in the past.

Tapper, for his part, unleashed his sassy side. “Well, I’m just going by reporting: I covered him on the campaign trail for two years and at the White House for four, so, I mean, Don can think whatever he wants.”

Even Baldwin looked shocked when Tapper said that.

Lemon went to respond and attempted to talk over Tapper, but his microphone was surprisingly cut.



2 Comments on The time CNN decided to mute Don Lemon

  1. Hold up a sign, Don!

  2. Look at Jake’s body language when Lemon is talking (“to the moon, Alice!”)

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