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Greta Van Susteren calls out Brian Stelter as someone “in the business about 5 days”

Following Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter’s rather unfortunate tweet about his colleague CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, where he said “ugh Wolf is the worst” in a since-deleted tweet, Stelter has been put under scrutiny.

I, personally, accept his explanation: he was copy/pasting that tweet in a DM conversation. Weird, but whatever he wants to do… let him.

Fox News host and active blogger Greta Van Susteren, however, isn’t buying his explanation, calling it “terrible,” and that cutting and pasting that ‘trash’ “shows an utter disrespect.”

This CNN Brian Stelter tweet is pathetic and is embarrassing to CNN. It is also extremely disrespectful to his colleague, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Stelter is arrogant and I might add, has limited experience. He doesn’t come close to Wolf’s experience and judgment and dares to tweets this about Wolf. Stelter travels from DC to NYC and back…and reads the internet. Wolf has criss crossed the world and interviewed world leaders.

I might also add that everyone in the business knows Wolf and he is a gracious competitor and gracious colleague. I respect him.

PS. Steltzer’s excuse is terrible. Accidentally ? Even if it were true, why was he cutting and pasting this trash? This shows an utter disrespect.


3 Comments on Greta Van Susteren calls out Brian Stelter as someone “in the business about 5 days”

  1. So tell me again, what good comes from Twitter, other than minefield tiptoe practice?

  2. I’m thinking Brian might have working his hobby of writing LONE RANGER stories.

    Ranger, “Faithful companion, have you ever faced animal danger on the trail?”
    Tonto, “Montain lion bad, Kemosabe, but ugh, wolf is the worst.”

    and got the last sentence stuck in his clipboard.

  3. So we have Stelter vs Wolf, Tapper vs Lemon.. There appear to be major issue going on behind the scenes at CNN

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