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Christiane Amanpour doesn’t approve of Don Lemon’s “n-word” usage

CNN’s chief international correspondent and CNNI anchor Christiane Amanpour isn’t on her colleague Don Lemon’s side about his recent controversy, where he held an “n-word” sign on live TV and said the word repeatedly throughout the show.

Such antics caused one media writer to propose Don Lemon be promoted to 8pm, unseating Anderson Cooper.

Needless to say, Amanpour probably isn’t in that camp.

Taking to Twitter, the CNNI star tweeted:

Sunny Hostin was also against using the “n-word,” and Larry Wilmore lambasted Lemon for using the “n-word,” and following the CNN chyron asking “Does this offend you,” Wilmore had ‘Don Lemon’ on a sign, and indicated that it did offend him.


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