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Bourdain: Zucker’s “been incredibly supportive”

CNN host Anthony Bourdain, who just ended his fifth season at the network with a demo win, will be in Atlanta on July 11 to do a live stage show, Close to The Bone, at the Fox Theatre, Rodney Ho of the AJC reports. In addition to taping the sixth season of Parts Unknown, he will be doing ten live shows across the US.

The show, he said to Ho, will be simple. “It’s me talking. There’s no video component. No props. No band. No giant blender. That’s it. I’m working on 90 minutes of new material and a Q&A.” That said, it’s not exactly G-rated, either. “Do not bring the kids.”

Speaking about Parts Unknown, he said, “We only go to places I want to go.”

When he turned to his CNN boss, President Jeff Zucker, he seemed to be pleased with his current relationship with the network: “He’s been incredibly supportive. Everything he ever said he’d do for me and the show he’s done. I’ve had nothing but great conversations with everyone at CNN. We’ve handed them some very difficult material. When there has been any questions about airing something, they’ve always come down on our side, backed up 100 percent.”


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