Richelle Carey calls out former network and Don Lemon

Former HLN anchor Richelle Carey has some thoughts about what Don Lemon did last night on CNN, where he held a Confederate flag and then a sign with the word “nigger” on it, and then asked if it offended you.

Carey very openly lambasted not only Lemon but also CNN management:

5 replies

  1. Don Lemon has his downs and ups but last night made the entire network, from Jeff Zucker on down, look like a cheap, amateurish clown show. Truly an all time low in the Zucker era and one of the more embarrassing yet insulting events in CNN history.

    Don Lemon is basically attention addict Rick Sanchez on steroids (or on diet pills, I guess, technically). Going out of his way to do anything for ratings while the network execs sit back and watch the train wreck occur, giddy over the possibility that the attention might occasionally lead to winning the demo on a rare night.

    Speaking of Rick Sanchez, has anyone ever seen him and Don Lemon at the same place and at the same time?

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