Don Lemon chats with Glenn Beck on The Blaze

CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon appeared on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze program earlier today. Almost a week ago, Beck had praised Lemon, saying in part, “he’s not lockstep with anybody else.”

He said, “I’ve been called a bigot and a racist by the right, and I’ve been called a bigot and a racist by the left, and mostly on the left, I’m a sellout or an Uncle Tom. I don’t believe in pandering, I believe in telling people the truth.” Then he said bluntly, “People don’t always want to hear the truth, and I think many times liberals don’t want to hear the truth. If you don’t see their world view, they get really vicious – because, you know, what, are you kidding me? You’re a black man, and you don’t believe certain things I believe.” Then he turned back to the right. “But the right puts me into a box, too – which, kind of, is disappointing, because when you say I’m not conservative, I am conservative on some issues, and I’m liberal on other issues. I just kind of make up my own mind; I think I’m more conservative on fiscal issues; I happen to be a person of color and I’m gay, I think I’m a little bit more liberal on social issues, and besides that… I’m my own man.”

Beck pointed out, “I cannot guess where you’re coming from, and I find that refreshing. What is it going to take to get more people to get away from the political parties and the political correctness, and start being their own man or woman?”

“Well, I think we listen to the loudest voices the most, and we shouldn’t,” Lemon responded. “I think the majority of the people feel the same the way we do, Glenn: we shouldn’t be run by the right or left.” He concluded, “We should listen to what is right.”

When he was reading his social media earlier, he saw something about him. “I don’t know anyone in my circle who likes Don Lemon, why does he still have a job?” His answer? “And, the reason I still have a job is because people listen to me. People tune into my show every night because they want to hear the truth, they don’t want to be pandered to.”

An MSNBC personality, who he didn’t name, remarked on his success, “I don’t understand your success. You’re really taking off, what’s going on?”

Lemon responded, “I said, well, I don’t really care what people think about me.”

He turned to praise Megyn Kelly briefly, saying, “When I watch Megyn [Kelly], I don’t know what Megyn’s going to say. Megyn may call out Karl Rove, she may call out someone on the left, and I’m usually there going, yes, you’re right! Not because I dislike the person, but because I felt they were wrong on that particular issue.”


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