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Diane Dimond bizarrely goes after Jake Tapper

An “investigative journalist” for the Daily Beast bizarrely went after The Lead anchor on Twitter for refusing “to name the Charleston shooter” – which, of course, isn’t even true.

Tapper has named the shooter at least once in his broadcasts, he just chooses to not continuously repeat the shooter’s name.

Tapper, ever sassy, fired back:

Yet earlier today, Tapper received praise from NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen for not using the gunman’s name:

To which he pointed out he did use the gunman’s name – but only sparingly:


8 Comments on Diane Dimond bizarrely goes after Jake Tapper

  1. bentleymark // July 5, 2015 at 12:04 pm // Reply

    Glad to see “investigative journalist” in quotes when referring to tabloid proctologists of Dimond’s ilk. It makes me feel reassured that some people still recognize the difference between the two.

  2. After decades of Diane Dimond writing “falsehoods and calling them facts” regarding Michael Jackson -it’s fantastic to see Jake Tapper, a respected journalist Call her out on her modern modes operandi of tweeting factless.. … She’s tried her whole life to get into the big time by using the MJ story as her spring board but she never quite made it … Now she’s being exposed for the hack she truly is .. Trying to garner- NOTORIETY by attacking a Lead Anchor, a position she no doubt covets – Perhaps, . “Be Careful Who You Tweet” will be the title of her next flop book.

  3. haha good on him, she deserved that! she is nothing but a petty bully who needs to be put in her place!! She is no serious journalist, just a stupid child who could not report the facts & truth if it got up in the face & smacker her hard!!

  4. Dimond is an investigative journalist in which universe?
    This is the same zealot who called a pedophile propagandist and court proven liar Victor Gutierez as
    “his best source” and repeated his made up story about Michael Jackson molesting his nephew without ever bothering to check whether the tape existed at all! (It did not, of course. VG made the whole thing up.)
    This is the same “journalist” who said with a straight face the she knows about love letters Michael wrote to Gavin Arvizo without ever bothering to check whether such letters existed at all. They didn’t exist, of course.

    And those are just two of her countless lies.
    She is a disgrace, a typical tabloid creature masquerading as a “journalist”

  5. GOOD! Finally someone who sees through Ms. Diamond’s B.S. has stepped up! Excellent! Ms. Diamond has long proven her ignorance by making such claims as (with regard to Michael Jackson, her FAVORITE target) “His ‘crazy fans think he fathered his kids…he DIDN’T.’ (when if she had just done real research, and found the article where Michael said very clearly “My sperm was used’, she would have known that he DID in fact FATHER his three kids (perhaps not in the ‘traditional way'(but that’s really no one’s business but his and Debbie’s (and the surrogate of Blanket..) Thank you, Jake Tapper for stepping up and taking Diane Diamond DOWN a peg or two. Perhaps if more people were to do that, she’d finally get the message that nobody but NOBODY gives a crap about what she THINKS she knows (but really doesn’t) nor do they want to keep reading her BALONEY filled articles…

  6. Diane Demon needs to go away.

  7. About time someone put that hack tabloid ‘reporter’ where she deserves and called her out! Thank you Mr Tapper!! You chose in your credibility as a true journalist not to glorify a killer by not naming him! She chose, in her non-credibility, to make the end few years of an innocent man in Michael Jackson, a living hell!

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