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Brianna Keilar and two CNN producers at Clinton aide’s wedding

Senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar, whose assignment includes covering Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run, was spotted at the wedding of Adam Parkhomenko and Kirby Hoag. Parkhomenko is the director for grassroots engagements for her presidential campaign and a co-founder of Ready for Hillary; Hoag was a staffer of Ready for Hillary.

Ready for Hillary staffer tweeted a picture of the journalists present, indicating that the event was “OTR” (off the record) –

Not only was Keilar there – also, CNN political producer Dan Merica (who is also covering Clinton’s 2016 run) and CNN’s Ashley Killough, who is covering 2016 Republicans. Also, an MSNBC reporter, a WaPo reporter, National Journal reporter, and a Hill reporter were present.

(H/t Weekly Standard)


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