A Tale of Two World Cups

Last year, CNN went all-out for the 2014 Men’s World Cup in Brazil. According to the release from then, CNN Sports anchors Alex Thomas, Amanda Davies, and Lara Baldesarra (who has since left CNN); and correspondents Shasta Darlington and Fred Pleitgen.

Not included in the press release but present included New Day anchor Chris Cuomo and international correspondent Isa Soares.

So, a pretty big showing for CNN… in another continent.

Yet this year, when the women’s World Cup is in our continent–Canada!–CNN has sent no on-air talent to report from the scene. None of CNN’s sports correspondents, and certainly not Chris Cuomo.

I get that, because it’s a woman’s event, it will receive less coverage. Yet the network not sending a single reporter or anchor to cover it is simply inexcusable.

This year, CNN has seen the departure of one sports correspondent (Baldesarra), yet has added on two: Coy Wire and Kate Riley. So although they’re beefing up their sports unit, they still didn’t send anyone to cover the World Cup.

Big mistake, CNN.

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