Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett beat Fox News in demo

On Thursday, the day cablenewsers flocked to Charleston to cover the shooting at the Emanuel AME church, CNN had a few key wins over Fox News.

For starters, the 5pm hour of The Situation Room was just 1,000 viewers away from beating FNC’s The Five (240,000 to 241,000). But the 6pm hour of TSR won the demo, and by a large margin: Wolf won just shy of a hundred-thousand viewers, beating the Special Report 311,000 viewers to 218,000.

The victory didn’t end there. Erin Burnett’s OutFront beat Greta Van Susteren’s On the Record by well over a hundred thousand viewers; 368,000 viewers to 236,000.

Although neither Anderson Cooper nor Don Lemon (two CNN anchors who were actually in Charleston) didn’t win their timeslots, Coop was within exactly one hundred thousand viewers of Bill O’Reilly (312,000 to 412,000), and Lemon was pretty close to Sean Hannity at 10pm (364,000 to 405,000).

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  1. Easy win for CNN. Watching Fox News to try to get information about a story that might betray their core narrative (racism no longer exists except for racism against white people, the mainstream media invents racism stories in order to drive minorities to the polls, yada yada) is like watching Russia Today to try to get an honest assessment of Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. Fox took an organizational credibility hit this week in its coverage and look for CNN to briefly capitalize on this in the coming weeks

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