Heckler calls Don Lemon an Uncle Tom on CNN

During CNN Newsroom (with guest anchor Ana Cabrera in New York City), Cabrera’s co-anchor, John Berman, was reporting live from Charleston. As a woman shouted in his background, Berman noted, “You can hear shouting.”

The woman shouted, “Yes, someone is shooting. You’re damn right!”

Later on, Berman said, “I’m joined here by Don Lemon.”

Lemon said dryly, “And our friend,” referring to the heckler in the background. He then turned sympathetic. “You can understand why people are upset, because, you know, this doesn’t happen, this shouldn’t happen to any one, the whole thing we’ve been talking about, is this terrorism? But it is.”

Yet as soon as Berman introduced Lemon, the heckler said, “Don, are you angry?” She then walked into the live shot, and repeatedly shouted questions at Lemon regarding his own anger, and then, “Uncle Tom? Hello?”


(H/t Gawker)

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