Brian Claypool makes an awkward ‘joke’ that leaves Carol Costello baffled

Well, this was awkward.

On CNN Newsroom, legal commentator Brian Claypool (who makes appearances on CNN, HLN, and Fox News) joined Carol Costello to discuss Joyce Mitchell.

“I’m just looking at the way she is dressed–she has that black vest on… is that a bullet proof vest? I don’t know what that is, I’m just guessing.” And after Costello uttering those words, things got weird from there, leaving Costello looking totally baffled by the weird turn of events.

“Well it might be a vest she wears for one of those live saving vests too, in case somebody throws her in the water and she’s drowning… Yeah, it looks like it is a life jacket.”

Baffled, Costello asked, “What?”

“But she looks — I was kidding about that.”

“Oh, good… I was like, ‘what?'”

So, what does he do? He repeats himself, in case she didn’t get his (hilarious?) joke.

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