Vacation Chasers is a ratings disaster

Vacation Chasers, which airs on Fridays at 9pm on HLN, is two episodes in to its four episode-season, and it’s had a very bad start.

Hosted by travel experts Rachel Rudwall and Andrea Feczko, the premiere episode had 38,000 demo viewers and 144,000 total viewers (tying Keywords for HLN’s second-worst debut).

Ratings fell significantly for episode two, where Vacation Chasers had a measly 19,000 demo viewers and 48,000 total viewers.

Rudwall and Feczko did interviews on Morning Express and The Daily Share on June 5 to hype the show, and HLN ran promos for it – so it’s received some promotion… just no eyeballs.

2 thoughts on “Vacation Chasers is a ratings disaster

  1. Why don’t they just go back to covering trials? Their ratings surpassed CNN and MSNBC when they went wall to wall with Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias. It would seem the prison break would be right up their alley, but yet all they air is reruns all day.

    Their news programs have been a complete flop.

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