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Jake Tapper makes a disclosure about Clinton arrangement, pertaining to Poppy Harlow’s panel

Writing in a blog post, CNN anchor (of both The Lead and as of last Sunday, State of the Union) Jake Tapper said that he had been hoping to disclose this on air, but that Jeb Bush’s speech had run over, leaving him pressed for time.

He wrote:

For our interview with Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative that aired on my first State of the Union Sunday, we told you that the former president agreed that no question was off limits, and we agreed to ask him about some of the issues he’s working on with CGI, such as veterans issues.

As I discussed with Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources, this is a fairly common arrangement for interviews of folks of the stature of former Presidents.

But then he dove into the other part of the Clinton arrangement: the panel discussion that was required to follow the interview, which Poppy Harlow participated in (and that aired on Saturday).

He disclosed:

I wanted to also note today that part of our arrangement with CGI was that CNN anchor Poppy Harlow would moderate and air a panel discussion on topics such as teaching students to take more risks when it comes to their careers. Poppy had full editorial control of the interview, which aired on Saturday. It hasn’t posted online, but if it does I will provide a link.


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