Dallas Police Association still isn’t happy with Fred Whitfield

Although CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield has explained herself, stating that she misspoke on her show on Saturday, the Dallas Police Association still isn’t happy with her explanation.

In a statement obtained by The Dallas Morning News, a rep said:

Facing outrage from viewers from across the country, CNN promised Whitfield would offer an on-air apology on Sunday. However, instead of offering an apology to those who truly represent courage and bravery — the men and women of the Dallas Police Department — Whitfield spent only 13 seconds to simply say she ‘misspoke,’a weak and often-used term when backtracking from an offensive statement. The promised apology from Whitfield was never provided.

“Yesterday CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield called James Boulware ‘courageous and brave’ just hours after he attacked our police headquarters with the intent to kill as many police officers as he could,” said Frederick Frazier, Vice President of the Dallas Police Association. “While her comments were appalling and offensive to the men and women in police departments across our country, her flippant non-apology served as further insult. We call on CNN to offer a more appropriate apology for the offensive comments made by Ms. Whitfield.”

“We have voiced our concern that the media’s negative narrative about police officers is jeopardizing our safety. The actions of CNN are proof that our concern has merit,” added Frazier.

Earlier today on Fox News, CNN alums Bill Hemmer and Howard Kurtz discussed Whitfield’s gaffe, and Kurtz proclaimed that “there’s some damage that lingers.”

(H/t Mediaite)

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