Bassem Youssef hijacks Connect the World

Because anchor Becky Anderson was field anchoring for her summer tour today, her guest decided he was going to just hijack her show!

Satirist Bassem Youssef introduced himself: “Hello, my name is Bassem Youssef. Welcome back to Connect the World, I’m your new host, because I’m in Dubai, and Becky Anderson is nowhere to be found, so I’m taking over the program.”

She quickly protested, “No, no, no… No, no, hang on a minute! Hang on a minute. Bassem, Bassem, welcome to my show.” After some cross-chatter, she said, “You are my guest tonight!”

Later on in the interview, which had both amusing and serious bits, Anderson was going to allow Youssef to take CTW viewers to a commercial break–only to discover they weren’t actually going to a commercial break, but that Youssef’s interview was over.


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