Hilary Isaac leaves CNN Philippines

An anchor with CNN Philippines, which re-launched in March, Hilary Isaac, has parted with the network.

According to a source for Media Newser Philippines, the network decided to not renew Isaac’s contract, which was up for renewal this month. Yet Isaac contests this, and said to CNN Commentary, “It was I who decided not to renew my contract.”

A source told Media Newser: “They [the management] just felt like it’s time to move on. This is serving as a warning to other anchors to work hard and double their effort.”

Isaac joined the network in September 2013 back when it was still known as Solar News. She went on to become the anchor of some of the network’s top programs including Solar News Updates, Solar Nightly News — when Nancy Irlanda left in January 2014 — and the now-canceled Daybreak.

Presumably addressing reports about her departure, she tweeted:

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  1. If you put together all the anchors and newscasters of CNN and evaluate them based on how they talk on-screen, chances are Isaac will win. However, politics and the “padrino system” inside all the networks in the Philippines either forces you to kiss ass or not. 9News was doing great prior to CNN Philippines. The moment that brand “CNN” came into the picture, people started lining up to get hired, and the “padrino system” suddenly was alive and well. I’m guessing that’s probably the case with Isaac. Too bad for CNN, the brand. I actually stopped watching the Philippine version after Isaac and the others left. It was obvious what was happening. Atlanta should fix this crap and re-hire the good ones, the ones who were forced out and left the ugliness.

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