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Jake Tapper talks State of the Union

Jake Tapper, who takes over State of the Union on Sunday, June 14th, spoke with FishbowlDC about what will set his show apart from other Sunday shows.

In response, he said: “I think being on cable we will be able to experiment a little more and go deeper and longer on interviews and profiles. Network shows have more commercial pressures so there will be more pushing for many topics, many subject changes, shorter interviews. Hopefully we can avoid that trap.”

Unfortunately for anchor Wolf Blitzer and correspondents Tom Foreman and Jim Acosta, they’re in a burning building. Who’s Tapper going to save? “As everyone knows, ever since that alien bestowed upon him his magic beard, Wolf has been fireproof. Foreman is truly like MacGyver — he would be able to escape with nothing more than his wits, a shoelace, and an old CASIO digital watch. That leaves Acosta, whom I would rescue and carry out as if he were a little puppy.”

Earlier this week, a longtime ABC booker, formerly with Diane Sawyer, joined SOTU.


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