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Jon Stewart laughs at Andrew Cuomo/Chris Cuomo relationship; Chris responds

The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart compiled a list of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s appearances on his brother’s morning show on CNN, New Day. In each instance, the governor attempted to offer some jab at his younger brother, or offer his help to co-anchor Alisyn Camerota when it comes to handling Chris.

“I am the smarter, nicer, funnier version of your co-host; don’t let him say anything mean about me when I get off the air,” Governor Cuomo said.

To which Stewart pointed out, “You know you’ve gone too far when you’ve made a CNN anchor look humiliated by what’s happening on air.”

When Chris Cuomo was drinking from his New Day mug while Andrew Cuomo was speaking, Stewart remarked, “Did you see that move with the cup? That’s one of these ‘I’m gonna give you a hot cup of shut the fuck up pretty soon.'”

Earlier this morning, Cuomo took to Twitter to respond to Stewart’s segment:



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