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Greta Van Susteren cries foul, seems to forget that Ailes did something very similar

Greta Van Susteren, who hosts On the Record at 7pm on Fox News Channel, tweeted about The Hollywood Reporter’s article, where Jeff Zucker takes shots at Fox and MSNBC. In Greta’s tweet, she asks whether the “CEO of CNN” is getting “into a food fight.”

Then, she changes it to a more philosophical question:

But the Fox News host seems to forget that when The Hollywood Reporter spoke to her FNC boss, Roger Ailes, he didn’t back down from any biting remarks about either CNN or MSNBC. In April of this year, he said of CNN: “I don’t watch much CNN, they got out of the news business in primetime. But I look to see if they have a good documentary or movie. If they do, I’ll watch that.”

Of MSNBC: “I flip to MSNBC occasionally to make sure their blind pig didn’t find an acorn. But they never have once. I tell you who I do like at MSNBC — I like Joe and Mika.”

So, before you go asking whether or not Zucker is in a “food fight” like “a 7th grader,” maybe you should remember a few things: 1] this is, first and foremost, a competitive business; 2] your boss did something very similar, and 3] this is life.


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