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Kate Bolduan remarks on how she loses co-anchors

In a rare, candid moment, At This Hour anchor Kate Bolduan was speaking with her co-anchor John Berman when she decided to comment on how she seems to lose co-anchors.

Bolduan initially co-hosted an hour of The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer when she was promoted from DC to New York, where she was going to be the host of CNN’s new morning show – New Day.

Since then, she was booted off of the morning show and moved to At This Hour.

Of course… she didn’t really “lose” Wolf, and she didn’t really “lose” Chris – but she sure lost a big gig on New Day.

Berman awkwardly responded, “I’m here, man – I’m not going anywhere. Gonna hold on tight.”


(H/t Political Jungle)


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