Megyn Kelly and Howard Kurtz apparently don’t know Poppy Harlow’s name

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz (who is, by the way, a former CNN host), aired a clip from CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow, where they went after her from implying the Duggars scandal was a Republican problem.

Kelly went after Harlow, without actually naming her:

“Many in the media have handled it, from jumping to they’re the worse, the house of horrors, they’re sick, sick, sick, to people like this woman on CNN, trying to make this problem of the Republican presidential field.”

Kelly has no problem going after other anchors, and has gone after Chris Cuomo, twice now – and both times, she named Cuomo.

Later on, Kurtz opined, “It’s amazing, and that CNN reporter had plenty of company in dragging in the Republican presidential candidates.”

Which, by the way, Kurtz used to work for CNN… and worked for CNN while Harlow was there. So, he most certainly knows of her, and probably even knows her name.

And, if neither Kelly nor Kurtz knew her name, all they had to do was look at the video they aired, where CNN’s chyron clearly labeled her ‘Poppy Harlow.’

Watch the video, via Mediaite:

(H/t Richard Wojcicki)

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