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Tapper won’t moderate panel at Clinton Global Initiative event

Although we first learned from USA Today about Jake Tapper’s involvement with the Clinton Global Initiative event, where he was scheduled to interview former President Bill Clinton and then lead a panel discussion, Erik Wemple is now reporting that will no longer occur. He is still slated to interview Clinton, but now, his colleague Poppy Harlow, the weekend CNN Newsroom anchor, will instead moderate the panel.

The panel will examine how “investing in job quality can expand profit margins and long-term sustainability for businesses.”

Harlow, prior to her general correspondent role, served as a business correspondent for the network.

As Wemple points out:

Consider: The Clinton Foundation exercises suzerainty over the topics and guests on CGI’s program, though [Craig Minassian, the Clinton Foundation’s chief communications officer], stresses that there’s a high degree of cooperation on these fronts with media outlets. So when CNN moderates a panel discussion at CGI and later airs the product — as other media outlets have done in recent years — it is surrendering at least some control over its editorial product to a third party. “Hopefully it works for everybody,” Minassian told us. “We like to think it’s a creative approach. Everybody has felt that it gives them access not only to an interview but also to other important voices.”

So it makes sense that CNN would struggle with its participation in the CGI event. How swapping Harlow for Tapper resolves any fundamental editorial questions, however, is unclear.

So… Not so sure as to why they swapped out one CNN anchor for another, but the fact remains: they did.


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