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Don Lemon injects his own racial history into his reporting

On CNN Tonight in a panel discussion, led by Don Lemon, with attorney Areva Martin and former NYPD officer Bill Stanton, things got a bit heated, and Lemon injected his own history into the conversation – as usual.

“Alright, Bill, when speaking with the white woman, the officer actually tells her, ‘I don’t see a crime that has been committed here,’ so why even ask the black woman for her ID?”

Stanton took issue with the way he phrased his question, saying, “Alright, let me tell you what’s disturbing to me, Don, first of all. Labels: ‘White woman, black woman’ – by my metric, by my eyes… as a former South Bronx cop, and what I saw here, nothing to do with color.”

Lemon interrupted him and fired back: “Bill, that’s a bunch of crap.”

After a bit of cross-chatter, Stanton zinged him: “So, so, Don, your experience is indicative of every police interaction in America?”

“No, no… it’s not indicative, but yes, there’s some credence to that.”

Later on, he snapped, “Well, if you would let me speak, Don…”

Not so surprisingly, later on in the conversation, Lemon revealed, surprising no one, “Listen, I agree you should comply with the police officer, but if the law is you don’t have to… I’m not so sure I would want to, as well.”



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