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The Daily Share cut back to 2 live hours

A tipster emailed in, writing that The Daily Share has now been cut back to two blocks, noon-1pm, and 3-4pm, with the rest of replaced with tape. Moments ago, an HLN spokesperson confirmed as much to TVNewser, saying:

Regarding the schedule change, with the premiere of the New Dr. Drew in prime, we felt that the time was right to also introduce this relationship focused show to a day-side audience to compliment The Daily Share, which is now all live, and showcase network originals.

The Daily Share will air live noon-1pm, followed by a repeat of Dr. Drew 1-2pm, then HLN’s original series 2-3pm, followed by a live The Daily Share 3-4pm, and then it will be a repeat of Nancy Grace 4-5pm.

A few weeks ago, the network experimented with the lineup, cutting the 4pm hour of The Daily Share.


3 Comments on The Daily Share cut back to 2 live hours

  1. Good! Too much personal stuff, people talking WAY too fast (and loud), interrupting and talking (shouting) over one another. So now we will get ven more of that on Dr. Drew. And no, I don’t watch it much–too much frantic fluff.

  2. The Daily Share was on for only one Live hour anyway and they just replayed their first hour, over and over.

    HLN is a mess and Albie Hecht doesn’t know how to run a news network. More forensic files. Blah.

    It must be an embarrassment to work for HLN now. I remember during the Casey Anthony trial they were beating CNN and MSNBC in the ratings. Jodi Arias trial as well. Why don’t they go back to what actually garners ratings and viewers?

    Nancy goes through so many topics on her show. She has like 20 guests on at the same time, and they all only get one sentence out before she talks over them. Her show isn’t like what it use to be. Plus, she is not even on there on Fridays. Doesn’t have her own studio and uses flash studio.

    Such a mess. So cheap as well. Instead of finding compelling LIVE TV they resort to replaying taped crap. Just might as well have sold HLN.

    • Pretty bad when your best programming is on weekend mornings with Lynn Smith. Never thought a legitimate news network could be worse off than MSNBC. Congrats HLN. You’ve accomplished the impossible.

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