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Chuck Johnson name-calls Carol Costello

Chuck Johnson, a troll/blogger, was kicked off of Twitter, for asking for donations to “take out” Ferguson activist DeRay McKesson.

On Monday, CNN Newsroom anchor Carol Costello interviewed DeRay about Johnson asking for donations to “take out” him.

Meanwhile, in a conversation with The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein, Johnson said:

“Only a fool would think I was trying to do harm,” he told The Mirror in a midnight interview on Sunday might (this is 9 p.m. Sacramento time). “Are you fucking kidding me? I’m going to kill somebody for 500 bucks?”

Costello’s Twitter account (which is used by both herself and her team) tweeted out video of her interview with DeRay, embedded above. Evidently, Johnson didn’t appreciate that, and claims no one reached out to him for comment.

To Rothstein, he said:

“I think [Costello’s] a dumb bitch who manipulated a situation with DeRay for her own ratings,” he said in our phone conversation. “Frankly, CNN’s numbers aren’t the best.”

He’s particularly incensed that in her reporting on his exile, she never bothered to get in touch. “She never reached out for comment,” he said. “Very few people have.”


1 Comment on Chuck Johnson name-calls Carol Costello

  1. Johnson will be back under a new name. Maybe Laura Johnson.

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