CNN Tonight butchers Cabrera’s report

Although the word “serial killer” was never uttered from correspondent Ana Cabrera’s lips in her report that aired last night on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, that was how the show’s account characterized the incident.

Their tweet, which has since been deleted, read: “Is a serial killer on the loose in Colorado? Mysterious shootings have left a community on edge. Ana Cabrera reports.”

Again… nowhere in Cabrera’s report did the words “serial killer” come up.

Kyle Clark, an anchor for 9News in Denver, Colorado, tweeted, “This is beyond responsible,” and quoted the now-deleted tweet from the CNN Tonight account. He followed up with, “Let’s recap, CNN. Numerous unexplained shattered windows. One case was a bullet. Zero deaths. Serial killer? C’mon.”

Shortly after Cabrera’s report aired and the tweet mistake had been flagged by Clark and his followers, she tweeted:

For which Clark praised her:

This morning, after deleting the tweet, CNN Tonight sent out a correction:

Watch Cabrera’s report below:

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