Is Jake Tapper the next Stephanopoulos?

USA Today is now reporting that CNN anchor and chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper was listed as a speaker at the Clinton Global Initiative event.

Screenshot of the speaker list

Screenshot of the speaker list

Shortly after USA Today reached out to CNN for comment, however, USA Today says “Tapper’s name was swiftly removed from the Clinton Foundation website.”

USA Today even provided a screenshot of Tapper’s bio on the foundation’s website:

Tapper wouldn’t comment on the record. A CNN spokesperson, who asked not to be named, said Tapper was improperly listed as a speaker on the foundation website; he is scheduled to interview former president Clinton at the event and later moderate a panel discussion. The spokesperson said the network-approved interview will be televised. There will be no restrictions on the questions, and Tapper will not be paid by the foundation. Other details are still being negotiated.

Tapper was the former spokesman for Democratic Congressswoman Marjorie Margolies – who is Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law. Yet Hugh Hewitt, who will co-host one of CNN’s Republican debates with Tapper, calls Tapper “the equal of any journalist at work today when it comes to fairness, intellect, integrity and seriousness. I’d be honored to work with him anytime, anywhere” regardless of any Clinton Foundation participation.

Yet it was right-wing Daily Caller media reporter Betsy Rothstein who came to Tapper’s defense, basically saying USA Today was making a big deal about nothing. She writes:

A CNN spokesperson told The Mirror that everything is above board and does not fall in the category of the Stephanopoulos scandal.

“Tapper is interviewing the president for CNN. Our cameras are going to be there. It’s going to air on TV. Jake Tapper has never donated the money to the Clinton Foundation.”

So, is Tapper CNN’s George Stephanopoulos?

Of course not.

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