CNN launches global programming about cross border trading

CNN is launching a new segment to air fortnightly on CNN Domestic’s weekend Newsroom and on CNN International’s The Business View.

Via the press release…

CNN is launching Traders, a new feature strand that tells the stories of extraordinary individuals who make the world go round by trading goods and services across borders.

In Traders, CNN will cover the stories behind the global import and export markets by meeting characters who passionately believe in their business to trade products and services overseas. In each report, CNN audiences will also gain valuable business information to put each story in context of international trade and commerce.

Traders is a fortnightly segment that runs in CNN International’s The Business View with Nina Dos Santos and CNN US’ CNN Newsroom Weekend.

The opening Traders report, airing from 19th May, will focus on Ellis Hunt, the third generation president of Hunt Bros. – a citrus growing and packing company in central Florida. Through Hunt Bros’s story, CNN audiences will gain insight into how the company exports nearly 10% of its fresh fruits to Japan, and in the process overcomes numerous challenges such as bad weather, citrus diseases and industry changes.

“Traders is a content strand that makes sense of the drivers behind international trade in the context of globalised, connected business,” said Ellana Lee, Senior Vice President, CNN International. “By telling the stories of the passionate, innovative people working in global trade, CNN will bring import/export markets to life and show why this affects us all. Traders will add an intriguing angle to our wider business programming.”

A special Traders microsite hosted at complements the on-air programming by featuring additional interactive and informative elements.

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