CNN talent embrace Periscope

Although I just downloaded the Periscope app last night, I have seen CNN on-air personalities tweet out links to their live-streams for the past few weeks, and have finally taken the plunge and joined them.

And, it seems that the CNN anchors are really giving viewers a new, behind-the-scenes kind of feel.

CNN’s royal correspondent Max Foster attracted attention in early May for his Periscope-coverage of the Royal Baby.

Earlier this morning, anchors Errol Barnett and Zain Asher were Periscoping, and even showed the anchor-switch over, when the two anchors handled coverage over to Rosemary Church.

Ashleigh Banfield has live-streamed her entire show, offering her commentary, showing some of her Legal View team.

The comments on their Periscopes have been overwhelmingly positive, with viewers really expressing how much they like the live streams. It affords viewers a look at the show and the anchor that they don’t usually see.

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