CNN asks: “Star Wars or ISIS: Which is more Islamic?”

Ah, yes. The big question no one was considering (and, it may be because Star Wars is, of course, not real): which is more Islamic… Star Wars or ISIS?

Well, in a CNN op-ed, H.A. Hellyer addresses such lunacy:


Just a piece of this article:

But we also see in the “Star Wars” epic what happens to one who chooses the “Dark Side” — and certainly, Darth Vader bears a strong resemblance to the self-proclaimed Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Or perhaps he may be the Sith Lord — one who seeks to tap into the power of spiritual prowess for debase and devastating ends.

On the other hand — it might just be that George Lucas liked North African hoods, and got told a few tales while filming in Tunisia.

Or … “Star Wars” might not be a story based in a galaxy so far away … certainly far closer to Islam, if only in spirit, than ISIS’s myth of a “state.”

CNN even made an accompanying video:

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