Anderson Cooper touts CNN, HLN

Video has surfaced from yesterday’s Turner upfront of Anderson Cooper touting both CNN and HLN.

“CNN was first on Snapchat… Apple Watch…”

He pointed out, “I have no idea how to use my Apple Watch, but someday, I hope to learn how.”

Then he pivoted to CNNgo. “That brings us to CNNgo, the most innovative product at CNN, since, well, CNN itself. Released 1 year ago, CNNgo it blends digital and TV coverage, in a revolutionary, real-time way, giving our viewers the ability to control what they watch, when they want to watch it. CNNgo is our tv-everywhere solution, so if you have CNN, you have CNNgo; and you can watch us anywhere.”

He added, “This year, we brought CNNgo to Apple TV, and later this year, we’re going to launch on Roku, broadening accessibility and giving users more ways to watch CNN. Over the next eighteen months, we’ll also bring CNNgo to set top boxes across the country, truly transforming how people watch television. And by the end of next year, we’re targeting CNN to be on more than a hundred million connected TV devices.”

The last part of his recorded presentation was about HLN.

“HLN has seen the most growth this year of any cable news network, and has its largest share of the cable news audience in 16 years.”


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