Anderson | Anthony CNN Go There

CNN is still sticking with their Go There mantra, but they released a totally new Go There video today, airing across the network in the afternoon and primetime, unlike any previous Go There video.

The video showcases what Jeff Zucker evidently sees as CNN’s two greatest talent: AC360 anchor Anderson Cooper and Parts Unknown host/chef Anthony Bourdain, in a split screen for the entirety of the promo.

It shows them doing what is perceived as their normal routine: waking up, open the blinds, walking out of their homes, putting on their glasses, with Anderson Cooper biking to work (???) and Anthony Bourdain taking a taxi. From there, it shows Columbus Circle, which is around where CNN’s New York bureau is headquartered.

Coop picks up the newspaper on his way to work, Bourdain picks up some raisins. Coop takes the escalator, Bourdain walks down the stairs.

They both check their notes and go to a meeting; Cooper interviews a guests, and Bourdain appears to have prepared a meal for a guest.

It ends in a truly remarkable way: “Anderson | Anthony, at the heart of every story, wherever it may go.”

And Bourdain, as we have documented on the blog, has gone to some dangerous areas in the past and continues to do so… but the ‘heart of every story’? Uh, no. And, while we’re at it, why is the entire promo a 50/50 split screen? The video appears to imply CNN is 50/50 news/unscripted programming, which in its current state, is simply not the case.

It is a beautifully crafted promo, but it is horrible for CNN. How can CNN’s chef be at the heart of every story?


Your thoughts, below, are appreciated.

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