John Berman wins Jeopardy, talks At This Hour

Not only did John Berman compete on Jeopardy!, he [SPOILER ALERRT] won!

Just after returning from the first commercial break, Alex Trebek posed the question: “John Berman is a co-host of CNN’s morning show. Now you used to, we’re getting into the political season, primaries, and then the presidential campaign, you used to be on the road, covering all this stuff [at ABC News]. Are you going to be able to do that now, even though you’re the host?”

And his response was a little CNN news-nugget. “We’re going to take the show, the 11 o’clock show I do is At This Hour, we’re going to take that show to where all the big political events are in the coming year, that means debates, caucuses, things like that.”

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