Sesno to host Reliable Sources

Again this Sunday, Frank Sesno will be anchoring Reliable Sources, sitting in for Brian Stelter who is on his honeymoon.

The past two times Sesno has hosted RS, the media analysis program has done better than when the actual host, Stelter, is hosting the program. The first time he guest-hosted, the show did better than Stelter’s previous three weeks; and then last Sunday when he hosted, RS tied Fox News’ MediaBuzz in the demo for the first time in 2015.

Sesno’s guests, via Mike Allen’s Playbook:

Author Peter Schweizer (“Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Business Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich”); CNN contributor and USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan; co-author and CNN contributor Michael Weiss (“ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror”); media critic and Women In Media & News executive director Jennifer Pozner and A&E’s “8 Minutes” cast member and Families Against Sex Trafficking founder and executive director D’Lita Miller; The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik and New York Times columnist Charles Blow.

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