CNNI offers Americans UK election coverage

If you’re an early riser (I’m not that much of an early riser), then for the past week, you’ve probably noticed that you’re seeing CNN International’s UK election coverage. From 2-4am for this week, anchor Errol Barnett has been on-location in London for the network’s coverage of the elections. His co-anchor, Rosemary Church, remains at CNN Center to handle the non-election news.

On the opposite side of the coin, Fox News has been simulcasting Sky News for British election coverage from 4-5am ET.

As Barnett put it at the top of today’s show, “So here we go. It all comes down to this!” He then added: “One thing now to keep in mind, now that the polls are open, there are restrictions on what broadcasters can and cannot discuss, so as to not influence the outcome of what is a very important election.”

Later on, he came back to that point, “We can’t necessarily discuss all the issues that we’ve been analyzing for the past few weeks, as I mentioned, because at this point, the polls are open, and because CNN is being broadcast here, all over the UK, we don’t want to influence what happens next.”

Both Church and Barnett will be on again at 2amET tomorrow morning with the results.

CNN International’s election coverage plans for today can be found here.

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