Chris Cuomo tweets, sparks outrage

This morning, active tweeter and CNN New Day anchor (and, by the way, a lawyer) managed to claim that hate speech is not protected under the First Amendment. (Which, according to the American BAR, it is – just not fighting words).

So, going off what he said, he’s wrong. And many attacked him for that:

Plus, this rather amusing correction to the Amendment:

However, what he claims he meant is the fighting words exception:

Some still disagree:

9 thoughts on “Chris Cuomo tweets, sparks outrage

  1. By his own admission he conflated ‘hate speech’ with ‘fighting words’. WTF?

    Then he went on to say the ‘fighting words’ carve out doesn’t apply to Garland.

    Why even bring it up then? He clearly misspoke and then tried to backtrack by referring to the Chaplinsky case and the ‘fighting words’ doctrine.

    Cuomo has seen better days — plus his name calling on twitter was very unprofessional.

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