CNN gambles by skipping on news, misses

CNN made the very conscious decision to skip the breaking news Sunday night. As it turned out, the gamble worked at 9pm with Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown; he won the demo with 255,000 demo viewers.

But at 10pm, when CNN aired a new episode of High Profits, they got clobbered by Fox News, which more than doubled them; CNN had 151,000 demo viewers, and a live, breaking news hour on Fox had 310,000 demo viewers.

So, the gamble to keep with their taped programming in the hope that it would still bring in strong ratings failed…

By the time CNN did go live at 11pm, they only had 139,000 demo viewers, because most viewers probably checked CNN earlier, saw it was on tape, went to Fox News, and they were live, and didn’t bother switching back to CNN later on to see if they decided to skip their taped programming for live news.

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