Former CNN pundit gets Newsmax show

Former CNN guest Joe Concha (a columnist at Mediaite) now has a show, The Daily Wrap, airing on NewsmaxTV weeknights in primetime.

Evaluating Thursday’s episode, I found the show to be solid. Concha appears to be the “main” host, joined by co-host, Democratic consultant Rick Ungar; and they are joined by two panelists, usually attorney Heather Hansen, and then a rotating fourth panelist.

To be clear, The Daily Wrap doesn’t come off as a news show, including no reports at all. It is, instead, purely a commentary/discussion show; on Thursday, the panel discussed Baltimore, discussed whether or not political correctness is out of control, whether or not the Baltimore mom was a hero, and discussed Bernie Sanders’ run for president (hint: they don’t think he’s going to win since he’s openly a “socialist”), and then their “pot luck,” where they share their favorite stories of the day.

Is it a good show? It certainly can be. They dissect stories making headlines and offer discussion (smart discussion). Perhaps most importantly, they do not argue over one-and-another. The point could be made they didn’t discuss anything too controversial, so they really had no reason to yell over the other panelist (which is a stark contrast from CNN’s month-long panel show, hosted by Sunny Hostin, Sally Kohn, Margaret Hoover, and Mel Robbins).

All of the panelists seemed to get on well enough with each other, and Concha seemed like a strong host, facilitating good discussion and insightful commentary.

It isn’t a very glorious set, and the graphics aren’t fabulous, but they certainly get the job done.

One thing that drove me nuts was the line Concha used when throwing to commercial:

“This is The Daily Wrap, and it’s only on Newsmax TV.”

Maybe I’m being too nit-picky, but throwing to commercial with that same line every time seemed pointless. Yes, it is on NewsmaxTV… thanks for reminding me.

Watch the pot luck segment below:

The Daily Wrap airs weeknights at 7pm on NewsmaxTV.

2 thoughts on “Former CNN pundit gets Newsmax show

  1. Awaiting my return from NEWSMAX dark territory later this week to sample Mr. Concha’s new show. Trust no yelling will still be the order of the day.

    1. Time Warner Cable doesn’t carry Newsmax, but they upload every segment on their youtube channel (which is what I used to watch their show).

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