Reliable Sources skips reporting on CNN’s mistakes

While it was almost certainly an oversight, it seems CNN’s media program, Reliable Sources, neglected to highlight CNN’s apology tour throughout this week stemming from their Baltimore coverage.

Brooke Baldwin issued an on-air apology during New Day, following her gaffe where she seemed to imply that veterans who were police officers were trigger-happy, saying “I made a mistake”; then on her own program, she apologized a second time.

In addition, anchor Erin Burnett explained that she was not implying the Zeta Phi Beta sorority members were gang members, though unfortunately the camera panned to them as she indicated gang members were present at the town hall.

Chris Cuomo had his own incident, where he said “be careful, because you know how [the police] are” to a protester; he attempted to explain himself, which was mainly just an attack on those who caught his mistake (as I did).

But, did Reliable Sources with guest host Frank Sesno cover any of this?


And the program did cover Baltimore/Freddie Gray (shocking, right?) – but no mention of any of CNN’s gaffes.

2 thoughts on “Reliable Sources skips reporting on CNN’s mistakes

  1. The esteemed (pompous, smug, holier than thou, CNN “blue blood”) Professor Frank Sesno perhaps just hadn’t watched any of the CNN coverage… hence the oversight. Yep, that’s the ticket.

  2. CNN must do better but with the present faces on camera there is a need for intelligent reporting rather than emotional breakdowns every hour about Trump.Instead of focusing on presuppositions,innuendos, thoughts and undermining faith in the President and his ability to deal with anything CNN must return to reporting objective facts without spin and in doing so show respect for Americans to think for themselves.Journalism has reached a new low at CNN with news we can trust.

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